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We have 30 years of metal detecting experience using all brands and we can testify that buying AMERICAN MADE is the way to go!

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 American Made Detectors Mean

 Our brands continue to provide easy-to-use, deep-detecting metal detectors for the hobbyist and professional alike. American made detectors have rugged construction with superior electronics that are built to last! At special events, we continue to use a 27-year-old detector to find targets in our Treasure Hunt! 

American Made Detectors Means

Our metal detectors are easy-to-use, yet  their performance and versatility have propelled them to the top of consumer-level metal detector ratings. Leading the hobby in convenience, discrimination, target identification, depth, sensitivity, and recovery speed.  From the unprecedented meteorite finds of the subzero Antarctica expedition, to the historic discovery of the Anglo Saxon gold hoard, our brands of metal detectors have demonstrated outstanding excellence and success.

American Made Detectors Mean

For over 30 years, we have been selling affordable, state-of-the-art metal detectors to treasure hunters of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

Our detectors are synonymous with quality, performance, and value; the best that your money can buy. What’s even better is that a detector will give you hours of fun, enable you to experience the thrill of discovery, and provide you with the possibility of finding enough treasure to pay for your investment! Our treasure cases attest to that fact!